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Troy Greenwood studied screenwriting at Leeds University and the University of Calgary, and holds a BFA in Drama from the University of Calgary.  His multi-disciplinary approach to film provides him with some unique perspectives on screenwriting.  His extensive experience as an actor provides him with a unique foundation for understanding dialogue, motivation and an actor’s impetus to action, while his directing experience provides him with insight into the importance of visual storytelling, the feasibility and logistical constraints that can occur during production, and how to account for budget and resources within a script.

He has written numerous produced shorts, including the award-winning Faded Image and also the award-winning TV pilot How to Survive (a Zombie Apocalypse) in Retail.  His latest short script The Marrow was a semi-finalist at the Milledgeville Eatonton Film Festival in Georgia, and he is in development on a feature western entitled Law of the West

He also produces films through his production company HHS Productions Inc. www.hhsproductions.com

In Development

Law of the West

With a mining tycoon intent on building a railway through their property, a family of homesteaders must decide how far they’re willing to go to defend their way of life.  

(feature length)

Petty Thief

Grieving the loss of their parents, a family is thrown into turmoil when their estranged brother returns intent on securing his inheritance.  Caught in the middle, their young daughter decides to take matters into her own hands.



The Marrow

A young man returns home over Thanksgiving to tell his family he has cancer.  But, with each member harboring their own secrets, and nobody willing to share, their festive feast may just be a reckoning.

Semi-Finalist at the Milledgeville Eatonton Film Festival 2020

(short – in production)


Faded Image

Returning to a pivotal moment of his adolescence, a man confronts the negative connotations that have subverted his identity. Through the prism of time, and the wisdom he’s gained in the years hence, he offers hope as to what the future might hold if only we can find the will, determination, and support to persevere through the darkest of times. But is it too late for him?

Star Award - Indie Gathering Film Festival
Best Cinematography - Action on Film Festival

(short – produced)


How to Survive (a Zombie Apocalypse) in Retail

Following a zombie outbreak that saw their parents disappear to Africa, two brothers, Simon and Will, struggle to maintain a sense of family while living together in their parent’s house.  Moving in their best friend, their girlfriends, and an old college friend, the group must confront the universal struggle that is growing up, becoming an adult, and working a retail job… only with the looming possibility of zombie attacks.

Star Award - Indie Gathering Film Festival
Best Mini Feature/TV pilot - Bare Bones Film Festival
Best Guerilla Short - Action on Film Festival

(TV pilot – produced)

Coming soon
Best Picture Mini-Feature/TV pilot at Bare Bones Film Festival, Best Guerilla Short at Action on Film Festival and Star Award at Indie Gathering Film Festival – Zombies in Retail

 Star Award at Indie Gathering Film Festival – Faded Image

Best Ensemble, Best Web series at New York Film Awards – Complacency

Best Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, and Best Costume Design at Calgary Film Race – Voices of Reason

Best Director and Best Screenplay at the First Run Film Festival – Collecting Canada

Premiere screening at the Calgary International Film Festival – Take Out

Best Supporting Actor nomination (CAT Awards 2006) – Prometheus Bound

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